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Freaky Franchise

Jul 31, 2020

Okay, we know this sounds kind of crazy, but here us out: what if a shark—not the shark from before, because that shark's dead, so a different shark—was so mad at Martin Brody that it decided to get revenge by eating his son—even though Martin Brody is already dead, not due to a shark but also maybe kind of due to the concept of a shark—and then felt like that wasn't quite enough, so the shark swam over 1000 miles to the Bahamas so it could eat his OTHER son? Wouldn't that be crazy? Well, that's the plot of this movie. We'll discuss this bizarre revenge plan and try to figure out if any aspect of it makes sense. We'll also talk about island cows, duck boats, the love/infatuation and Edward/Jacob dichotomies, and confronting the sharks.