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Freaky Franchise

Feb 15, 2021

What is this? A movie with a theatrical release? After the last few Amityville films we watched, we weren't sure that something like this would ever happen again. But here we are, with recognizable actors and a significantly bigger production budget than we have seen in some time. Once again, a family has moved into the Amityville House, only this time, the original book and movie are well-known cultural icons to everyone except for the family. At first it seems like it's all hype, but when the family's son suddenly awakes from a... coma? Persistent vegetative state? It's unclear. All we know is that he probably isn't alone in there. We'll talk about some big issues, like ableism and sexism. We'll also talk about cool middle school styles, pottery barn, tunics, and whether or not you pull a literal plug.