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Freaky Franchise

Feb 28, 2020

First off, sorry about the audio! Neither of us were in ideal conditions for this recording. And second, it's time to talk about the last Candyman movie! This one focuses on Day of the Dead, which is a little weird since that has nothing to do with the Candyman other than the fact that he's dead, but just go with it. Young Caroline has now grown up and opened an art gallery so that she can display her great-great-(great?)grandfather's work, but of course, things go terribly wrong when her partner convinces her to say his name five times in the mirror at the opening. You pretty much know what happens next, but we'll give you the full rundown. We'll also talk about Caroline-based songs, a cup of wine, the Humans Can Lick Too story, and the bonkers new dating show Love Is Blind.